Seven Springs offers four distinct groups for riders of different abilities and interests. These have been developed over a number of years based on feedback (both good and bad!) on how the club can best meet the needs of its members.

Members of all groups are actively encouraged to offer advice and tips to people ‘moving up’ through the ranks as they get stronger and seek to move on to the next level. Of course, all members are welcome to join up with any given group if they feel the route and plans of that particular group meets their needs that particular day.

If you are completely new to the sport, the following link will answer a few frequently asked questions to allow you to join us without the fear of not having the right gear, equipment, etc.

Over the years, the club has developed a summary of the different ‘Dos-and-Don’ts’ of group riding and it’s worth a read so that you can fully enjoy the experience of riding with our friends.

Group spins always roll out from the Loughrea Shopping centre car park unless otherwise stated. This offers ample car parking and a central location to start from. Not sure where this is? Click the button below