2022 Seven Springs TT League

We are delighted to be able to announce that this year’s TT league will get underway on Tuesday, May 24th. We are adding two additional rounds to this year’s event with new routes also on offer.

Read on for all the details…

ENTRY: €5 per round or €25 for full league

All competitors must hold either Full or Limited Competition Licenses

This year’s league has 6 rounds. ALL participants must marshal one round. Participants will be able to choose their preferred marshalling round when they sign on.

Competitor’s best 4 results count toward final standings.


  • Men’s TT Bike (any TT specific bike, Road bikes with Clip on bars, Tri spoke wheels and/or disc wheels)
  • Men’s Road bike (Standard road bike without any of above modifications)
  • Ladies (TT bikes in line with above definitions are to be handicapped)
  • Seven Springs Members


Men – TT bikes€100€75€50
Men – Road bikes€100€75€50
Ladies (TT bikes H’capped)€100€75€50
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